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Champagne Supernova

Someday You Will Find Me

21 June 1983
I'm just you're typical gay woman living in America. Alas I grew up, well kind of. I'm a big ol' nerd/geek and I'm not ashamed to say it. I love reading and writing fanfiction, it's my new hobby. I have a close knit group of friends that are near and dear to me. Umm..I suck at profiles and most of my entries are friends only. So friend me if you'd like, I certainly don't mind.

action movies, adidas, airplanes, amélie mauresmo, angelina jolie, anime, ayashi no ceres, bad girls, bad religion, baseball, battle athletes, beaches, beer, bend it like beckham, blue drop, bones, brandi chastain, camping, catskill ny, chronicles of narnia, cigarettes, computer, concerts, contact, conventions, conversations, debates, diet coke, disney movies, disturbed, driving, ellen, emmett honeycutt, erin daniels, exercise, fanfic, finger eleven, flyleaf, football, franka potente, freedom, fried green tomatoes, friends, fuel, fushigi yuugi, gainex, gay, georgia, gunsmith cats, halo, harry potter, haruka tenoh, hermoine, hoobastank, hugh jackman, imagine me and you, janeane garofalo, jodie foster, johnny depp, julia roberts, julie foudy, kare kano, kareshi kanojo no jijou, kate winslet, lesbian, life, linkin park, love, madlax, mai hime, mai otome, mandana jones, maria-sama ga miteru, melanie and lindsay, mia hamm, michelle clunie, michelle rodriguez, michiru kaioh, misato, money, movies, mulan, music, nana, natsuki, neon genesis evangelion, nickelback, nuriko, oakley, oasis, olivia, orlando bloom, peter paige, photography, pictures, politics, pride, ps2, quality time, queer as folk, radclyffe, radio, relationships, rent, resident evil, restaurants, revis, revolutionary girl utena, romantic comedies, rosario dawson, run lola run, rurouni kenshin, sachiko, sailor moon, samurai x, sei sato, sevendust, sexuality, sheryl crow, shinedown, shiznat, shizuru, shojo-ai, shopping, simone lahbib, singing, sisters, snowboarding, soccer, spineshank, strawberry panic, summer olympics, tennis, the cutting edge, the l word, the last samarai, thinking, thunderstorms, trapt, traveling, ultraspank, vacations, video games, vixtrola, womens national soccer team, writing, x-box, yumi, yuri