December 3rd, 2007

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New Anime

Okay, so this weekend I purchased the box set to Madlax. I've heard good things about it. It's from Bee Train which brought us the mind fuck known as Noir,

which is a wonderful series. I still haven't finished it, I think Lisa, Sean and I left off with around 10 episodes left to finish way back in the day. Nonetheless, that was an excellent series.

Dan and I were watching Madlax yesterday and I went a little ahead of him, I'm currently on episode 16. So far the series is excellent. It's a little slow in the beginning and there's a lot of information thrown at you and it's very difficult to grasp everything at first. Once it gets to episode 12, events and information start to fall into place and the plot begins to make more sense. Oh yea, heh, Madlax is of course pretty much a contracted killer/protector. Margaret..well, I have no clue still. The start of the show is all about Madlax, then for a few episodes, they really focus on Margaret's character, a book and an underground corp that is evil and wants to keep a civil war going in Madlax's home country. Episode 10-12 is a turning point in the series. They give equal screen time for both characters and while their situations are still separated, the story is beginning to merge the two together. Of course they are connected some how.

I give the animation quality a 9 or 10. They really went all out in my opinion on the animation. It's bold and vibrant, minimal CG, but very little to take away from the series. The two main characters live in different countries, one is war torn and the other is "peaceful". The contrast is very evident for each of them. The characters are also very pretty. Thankfully, they animated them to look like "normal" women..body wise. They are not stick thin and top heavy...well one character does have large boobs, but we can skip that. :)

So far the character development is at a minimum so far. Madlax herself is an excellent character in my opinion. She's slowly developing, opening up a bit to Venessa Rene. She has the right mix of strength and vulnerability. Margaret is the other main character. She is very much like her Noir counterpart Kirika Yuumura. No recollection of her past, quiet, and somewhat emotionless. It's not that I'm complaining at all, she's just a very strange person, often too strange for my tastes.

There's a character I really like on the show aside from Madlax, which is Vanessa...she rocks. I don't recommend watching AMV's or trailers for the series. But let's just say she's now a favorite character of mine.

Also, the music/OST is awesome! Just the right mix of rock-techno and instrumental music. Madlax's battle song is perfect including the lyrics. It drives me crazy sometimes when there's music in anime but the lyrics do not match the story or scene, throws me for a loop.

There's more I could write about, but I don't want to spoil it. Sean, I think this is up your alley, beware of the confusion at first. I'm enjoying it though. I'm pretty sure I'll finish it tonight, that's my plan anyways. My geek post for the week. :)

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