May 9th, 2004

MariMite's Sei

In Kentucky still

I can finally update. If you wanna know what's been going on, read kawa_kawa's entries. It's basically the gist of what's going on. Its a bummer if she can't make it to te beach, but I completely understand. I'm gonna try to work something out in the meantime, kind of plan ahead. I won't know anything until she does. so wheee.

Work is keeping me buisy, still plenty of time to think tho, and I've been given a lot to think about. Work, family, future, other stuff, it's crossing my mind as per usual, but at least I'm keeping buisy.

There's really nothing else going on. Don't know what day I"m coming home still..hopefully soon. Mark's driving me a little insane >_<.

Oh yeah, my parents are extremely nice to me right now...bastards. Takes me 600 miles away for that. onder what the future will hold.
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