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I've had it!

That's it! We're all guilty, but I'm tired of walking into a messy home. We are having a meeting tonight about it. We are cleaning up our dishes after we use them, that includes the pans. And coffee cups are put into the dishwasher after use, not laid on the floor by the computer. Beer bottles are thrown out and and not placed all over the tables. I lived in a messy home almost all of my life, I am not going to live this way again. We pick up after ourselves during the weekdays, and Saturday's we clean the house thoroughly, meaning bathrooms and giving a good scrub in some areas. I don't give a rats ass what our bedrooms look like, that's our own living quarters. I will pick up the hall way and stairway today. I'm done with living like this. And if you see something that has not been put away, I don't care if it was not yours you, take the fucking initiative to put it away. We will slip up sometimes, but I'm tired of the laziness.
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